Service of"alzahraa farm"


The packing process is preceded by the sizing process, which is made by the sizing machine (Sim). This machine distributes the fruits according to sizes in its appropriate packing basin.

In order to perform the final packaging of the fruits inside the carton in a way that insures the accuracy and quality of packing required for markets.

The cartons are closed mechanically by a sticking machine, which is used to close the carton tightly and to ensure its safe arrival to the customer.


Sorting process is donethrough several stages.

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    The First stage:

    At this stage, broken and damaged fruits are excluded.

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    The Second stage:

    This stage comes after washing the fruit using drinking water. In this stage, all physiological and mechanical defects are excluded.

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    The Third stage:

    This stage is after the waxing process. In this stage, a checking of all the previously mentioned steps is done. The sorting process is executed by a group of skillful workers highly experienced in the field of sorting agricultural crops.