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Murcott is a citrus fruit that has an orange color and is associated mainly with orange (mandarin orange) because both fruits form citrus reticulata. Ineterms of classification, perhaps, it is named so because it is considered a kind or a variety of citrus reticulata. Murcott is smaller than the orange and easy to peel and divide into cloves. As for taste, it is considered less citrus (sour), but it is stronger and sweeter than orange taste. Murcott is characterized by features such as being strong. slightly soft, heavy in size, and has a gravelling peel without deep holes.

Native Orange

It is an Egyptian type of unknown origin. Its full production in Egypt is at the beginning of the citrus season and is considered a good alternative to Valencia orange (summer orange). It is used mainly in juice industry and is required on a large scale in Western Europe for juice factories.

Navel Oranges

It has a protruding part at the end of the fruit, which led it to be renamed in the list of fruits as navel orange. This type of orange is used fo the dining table, as it is juicy, has a dark orange color and thick skin that is easy to peel and divide for eating.

Sweet Orange

This type of sweet oranges contains a high percentage of fructose. It is used mainly for dining table, but it is sometimes used in juice.


industry and its : second usage is for the dining table. It has 2!. thin skin, and its internal color is light orange. •.1 Akit Frets° has too much juice. This kind of orange is the latest to harvest. Valencia orange - • (summer orange) ripens in a late time of the , season. Therefore, it exists after the end of the navel oranges season.